for Individuals 

We help individuals to develop the mind-set, skills, knowledge, emotional intelligence and habits needed to achieve personal success, wellness and happiness. One way we do this is through the delivery of highly effective training workshops that make a real difference. Our most popular ones can be grouped under the following headings:


Personal & Interpersonal Skills

To be fully effective and successful, people require an understanding of how they, and others, think, feel and behave. Sample topics include:

  • Tackling Tricky Conversations
    Learn to communicate assertively no matter the situation or person.
  • Managing Conflict for Better Outcomes
    Make the most of the constructive kind and skilfully handle the destructive kind.
  • Influencing for Impact
    Learn the ingredients and practices for successful influencing… so you can make an impact.
  • Effectiveness Through Mindfulness
    Get control of your mood, mind-set and mental performance by learning to focus on the “what IS?” instead of the “what IF?”.
  • Managing (dis)Stress
    Cope effectively with the demands and pressures in your life.
  • Maximise Your Daily ROI
    Manage your time and your energy for better results, happiness and health.


Commercial Skills

Some skillsets are vital to the commercial success of your organisation. thrive brings its own twist to some of the most important ones, including:

  • Customer List or Fanclub?
    Create unshakeable client, customer, and consumer loyalty.
  • Don’t Stagnate, Innovate!
    Everyone can innovate and our research proved it. Learn about innovation and how to leverage personality types to do it better.
  • Make Meetings Matter More
    Break free of bad meeting habits and get results from them instead. (Available as a blended learning, or classroom-only workshop)
  • Sell Like the Best, Not The Rest
    Learn how to use the powerful and proven Challenger Selling approach to sell to your customers the way they want to be sold to.
  • Presenting for Impact
    Learn how to structure a great presentation, manage your nerves and perform brilliantly.
  • Negotiating to Win
    Become a negotiating pro in a range of situations, while still being yourself and maintaining a good relationship.


For all of the above, our content and methodology are tailored to your specific needs – learn more about our approach here.


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