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Are you surrounded with the people you need?Exploration. Sports. Business. Science. Politics. Engineering. Not-for-Profit. The highest achievers in all of these fields have a carefully chosen network of people surrounding them, because, despite what the movies would have us believe, reaching top performance on your own is almost impossible.

We contacted you because we have a solution that will help you to reach YOUR highest levels of performance and success. We’re providing access to your own group of high achievers, outside of your workplace, in a confidential, results-focused setting.

We want you to join our new Mastermind group, and this page explains why we think it will work for you…



3 Components for Top PerformanceIn thrive, we believe there are 3 big elements to achieving top performance, whether at individual, team or company level:

Ownership:  For successful high level executives, the ownership is usually a given. They take control of their situation and their destiny. They don’t wait to be asked and they willingly give huge amounts of energy and time to their cause.

But … sometimes they give too much because it’s hard to draw the line and to relinquish control of the right things.

Candour:  For top performance, everyone needs systematic, constructive, candid feedback. They need to be challenged. Successful senior leaders are open to this and seek it out.

But … it’s not always from people who understand things from their perspective and who have been where they are.

Accountability:  Finally, top managers and leaders are eager to learn, grow and get out of their comfort zones. They’re not afraid to try new things and aim high. They take on big challenges.

But … they can sometimes lack the relationships, practices and habits that ensure follow-up and consistency. In short, they lack people who will keep them accountable.



Impact of Leadership LonelinessIn our experience, only a minority of leaders have consciously put these 3 elements in place with their peers. They don’t just have a support network (this is vital, but, on its own, it’s not enough). It’s much more than that because it takes structure, organisation and commitment to get the best out of their well-chosen advisors.


And the remaining (and large) majority?  Their journey to the top gets lonelier the higher they go – they can’t always share their concerns and desires with those around them.


In fact, Harvard Business Review has reported that: “Half of CEOs report experiencing feelings of loneliness in their role, and, of this group, 61% believe it hinders their performance”.  And we would strongly agree with Forbes’ sentiment that “This [loneliness] isn’t good for decision-making, culture, or performance.”



There’s an African proverb that says:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

For us the question is not about fast OR far, but rather how fast can you go far.

To achieve both, you’ll need a network of professionals that “get” what you’re going through and where you’re going.

But we’re not selling “networking”.

To achieve both, you’ll need something different.

Something more bespoke and more effective.

Something like Momentum…


Momentum LogoMomentum is  a small, select group of senior professionals, engaging in a structured way, on a regular basis to deliver improved results in their professional and personal lives.

Momentum will enable you to take control of your performance and professional growth in a powerful way that compliments training and coaching solutions you might be taking part in.

Momentum is all about providing relevant, valuable content and experiences in a way that’s tailored to your needs.



There are limited spaces and there is a short, but important, application process to make sure we get the right mix of people in your group.

To ensure best results, membership will be on a 6 monthly basis, and will provide exclusive access to the following – we’re not offering these things to any of our other clients:


Activity Frequency
2 x individual high-impact coaching sessions
(in person or by phone, depending on location)
One at the start of the 6 months and one at the end.
Structured group conference call / video call Monthly
Exclusive, relevant, valuable content
(article / book / video / webinar / podcast / CD)
Regular, ongoing
Face to face meeting Every 2 months
(to replace conference call)
Overnight Member Bootcamp
(focused, valuable, memorable – including a guest speaker)
Midway through the 6 months


Membership fee: 6-monthly fee (representing a special reduced rate for founder-members) of €2,900 ex VAT.

This is payable in advance and covers everything listed above (including accommodation and meals at the bootcamp), so all you have to cover are any phone and travel expenses involved in taking part.



As you can see, this is not just a series of meetings. It’s a carefully crafted, structured gameplan that will move you forward.

Member BenefitsMastermind groups have been around, in various forms, for a long time. Maybe you’re already part of one?  If you’d like to know more about them, you can check out the links at the end of this page, or just do a quick Google search – they’re all the rage!

Based on our experience of similar processes, you will get:

  • Access to other senior executives and skilled professionals
  • Tailored, focused and applicable learning
  • Practical insights and diverse perspectives on key issues
  • Challenge, feedback and support
  • The key to further unlock your potential in your personal and professional lives



As this is our first Mastermind group, we are looking for founder members who are ready to invest their time and energy into the growth and success of their own, and each other’s careers.

We are determined to make it a huge success. We’ll be putting extra effort into it for the next year, and will be strictly limiting its size, to ensure the best possible experience for all.

Members Only!It’s not for everyone, though…

We’ve invited you, because we believe you:

  • want more and better results than you are getting right now
  • are willing to challenge and be challenged
  • can last the pace and finish what you started
  • understand the benefits of investing in yourself and your development
  • are willing to give, as well as get, value and support
  • are ready, able and willing to take action on good ideas

And, don’t worry – the people you won’t find there are those who:

  • are looking for a quick fix
  • are afraid to be open and expose themselves
  • aren’t ready to work hard for their goals
  • run out of steam after a new idea
  • want a business referral network
  • like to complain and not take action



Damian KillenThe Momentum Mastermind will be led by Damian Killen who has over 25 years’ experience working with senior executives and their teams, has co-authored a number of books, is recognised as a global leader in the area of personality type and provides insight and expertise to organisations around the world.  Damian’s role will be to “provide an environment where members can learn from their peers and experts in different fields and feel supported and challenged in equal manner, while they work towards peak performance in their own lives and careers”.





We hope you’re considering becoming a founder member.  As we said, it’ll be limited numbers, but if it’s not right for you, or you’re not ready right now, we’ll open another group for business next year.

If you are excited to be part of this, or are leaning towards joining, please Click here to email Damian and express your interest or, if you like, request a call back to talk more about it.

After that, we’ll be in touch to explain the structure and timelines in more detail, so you can get on board in time to make 2015 your best year yet.

I'm Interested!



Thinking about it, but still have some questions? Read on before making your decision…


What is a Mastermind?

The concept was made famous by Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich”, and can take a number of different forms. Sometimes it’s a weekly meeting or call, sometimes it also involves face to face events, but at the most basic level, a Mastermind is a group of people who come together to support each other in reaching their goals.

This Forbes article explains it some more, and shares 7 benefits of joining one.


What will happen in the meetings?

The scheduled calls and meetings will be facilitated by Damian and will follow a tried-and-tested structure. They will almost always include: a brief update from everyone on their “wins” and progress against their goals; a “hot-seat” session where that month’s chosen member outlines a challenge they are facing and gets input from the group finishing with a run-through of everyone’s goals for the coming month. Of course, there will be some room for member input and slight “tweaking” to ensure the best results for the group. We will augment these meetings with exclusive content and materials that are relevant to the goals and challenges faced by the group as a whole.


Who else will be in my group?

This will be an invite-only group and will be made up of thrive clients who are in senior or executive roles, in a range of industries. A small number of carefully chosen invitees will go through our application process to ensure that they will work well together and that they share several of the same challenges that you do. There are 2 certainties: you won’t bump into any of your competitors there, and there will be a balance between people who see things the same way and people who (constructively) see things differently.


How is this different to networking?

Networking events usually aim to grow your number of connections, so that you can build your profile, grow your list of professional contacts, develop sales prospects and leverage relationships for (ideally) mutual benefit. In other words, networking events are usually aimed at business development (sometimes they are strictly about referrals and selling), and this has its place in the business world, but it usually doesn’t provide deep, lasting, sustainable value or change for the people involved. Well-run Mastermind groups do.


What will happen at the Bootcamp?

This event will build lasting relationships with your fellow members while providing highly valuable and tailored input on the things that stand between you and your goals. We’ll put in the time and effort to generate real solutions for your biggest challenges, and will work together to take the first few steps to solving them. So, whether it’s forming a strategic plan, trashing out an important communication, recording a video message, improving your interviewing technique – or something totally different – this will be 2 focused days where members will get the combined, experienced input of the group.

We’ll bring in a high-level speaker that elevates your thinking and inspires you to action, in a carefully chosen location where you can step away from the demands of your role and equip yourself to take a big step forward.



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