What our clients say... 

From the CFO of a Global Corporate Client:  “I used Damian as a consultant last year to assist with two several day team building exercises. The sessions were with seven of my direct reports of which half of them were relatively new or recent new hires.  I was skeptical if Damian would be able to break down the communication and trust barriers in my dysfunctional management team.  Damian pulled the rabbit out of the hat on both sessions!  He had the unique ability to reach out to all members of my team in a very personal and emotional manner while forcing each of us to learn about ourselves and each other.  His methods for team building sometimes provoked laughter and sometimes even some tears.  But he successfully took a very dysfunctional group and taught us how to build trust in each other, communicate in an open and transparent way and to know that an effective team requires working together and trying to help each other.  I can not think of how many times at work subsequent to these sessions that I think back at what he taught me about my own behavior and management style and how best to handle a tough situation.

I  would highly recommend Damian for any team building exercise.”

From Manager – International Education Programme:  “There were effective channels of communication maintained between ourselves and thriveThis was very important to us as, although we were not present at every training day, we did need to be kept informed of key events throughout. In both their administrative and training delivery roles, the staff of thrive was very dedicated which was a great reassurance to us.”

From Social Inclusion Officer, HSE:  “The work was exceptionally professional. Training was designed and adapted in accordance with staff needs and training delivery was exceptionally good and employed a variety of methods. In addition to the above, targets agreed were always met and interim and final reports on the project were produced in a very timely and professional manner. These reports remain a very important piece of the work in guiding future intercultural projects on this site. I would have no hesitation in recommending thrive.”

From Global Head, Pharmaceutical Company:   “Again, thanks for all of your support. I have worked with many consultants in the past, and you have been fantastic to work with! You are very committed and have gone above and beyond. I really appreciate the care you have taken.”

From: Vice-President – Pharmaceutical Company:  “We used Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® as a framework, facilitated by thrive in our Management Development process. It proved to be a very powerful tool to help with senior management team-building. It certainly helped to improve our understanding of the team dynamics and individual styles.”

Bryan Sullivan – Senior Manager, Fleetwood Paints:  “This was our first time getting back into training since the downturn. We spent a lot of time looking around at various training options. We eventually chose thrive and we were delighted with both the initial level of support in putting the programme together and also in the way Derek delivered both sessions. I am sure we will be back for more.”

Andrea di Tonto – L&D Manager, Nordeus:  “Derek delivered Project Management and Customer Care training to a group of 20 employees. They all found the sessions to be fun and interactive, but most importantly very useful for their job. They all found practical application to what was explained in class. It is a pleasure to see Derek in action, to observe the passion with which he engages and challenges the group. Personally I was impressed by how customised the sessions were to our company products and culture, definitely there was a lot of pre-work done there.

I would recommend Derek to any company big or small, as his sessions are highly customised, very interactive and entertaining, and extremely useful.”

Amy Townsend – Europe Region HR Co-ordinator, Arup:  “Arup have worked with thrive in Ireland and Europe for many years to deliver MBTI® workshops for our annual Graduate Induction. The thrive workshop has consistently proved popular with our young engineers, providing them with the opportunity to learn about their personality preferences at the very start of their career.  For our engineers this is a fantastic exercise in self-awareness and also understanding the importance of adapting working and communication styles in teams. Damian, Ann and Brendan always entertain and engage our participants and we look forward to working with thrive in the future!”