Developing Strategy

that moves people 

Research tells us that people are far more motivated and committed when they have a clear and compelling purpose, when they know what they’re working towards and can see what difference they are making with their efforts.

In the corporate world, these are most often achieved through vision and mission statements. And strategic objectives… and shared values.

These can be tricky, and you’ve probably seen them done really badly in the past, but we think they’re really powerful and valuable. They really do make a difference – when they’re done right!


We can support your senior team to create a winning strategy with a blend of consulting and facilitation. We’ll help you to create:


A Vision Statement:
That is simple, powerful, relevant, memorable and inspiring.


A Mission Statement:
To help focus everyone on the right things and make success more measurable and achievable.


Shared Values:
That spell out how important beliefs and behaviours are for a winning culture.


Strategic goals / objectives:
So you can set clear performance expectations and measure and manage their achievement.


People / Training strategy:
To equip your people with the support and learning needed to achieve their objectives and reach maximum engagement. (This is often informed by a robust learning needs analysis.)


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