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thrive speaking

Whether its an inspirational keynote address, a thought-provoking breakout session, or a memorable group activity, the thrive team bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and insight to your company or client event.

We tailor our leading-edge content to your specific context and challenges, incorporating a range of powerful people insights, generated by 100+ years of combined experience, on an international level, with hundreds of clients in all business sectors.

Speaking clients have included:

  • CPP (San Francisco)
  • Gen-Re Insurance (Dublin & London)
  • OPP (London)
  • Carnegie Mellon University (Pennsylvania)
  • Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (Across Ireland)
  • New Zealand Association for Psychological Type (New Zealand)
  • FelliPelli (Brazil)
  • Plato Dublin (Dublin)
  • Biomarin (Cork)
  • Solas (Dublin)
  • Indeed.Com (Dublin)

Some suggested topics for your event:

  1. Innovation is in everyone’s DNA.
  2. Managing conflict through Type®.
  3. The 3 elements present in EVERY top performing team.
  4. Why employee engagement alone is not enough.
  5. What the top sales people are doing that most of us are afraid to do.
  6. Building unshakeable customer loyalty is easier, quicker and cheaper than you think.
  7. Competition through Collaboration.
  8. Choose Change, Go for Growth.

… and of course, you can expect plenty of talks throughout 2017 to revolve around our findings on Type® and Influencing.

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