Talent Selection

to make the right choice 

As we’ve said before, at thrive, we believe that “people make ALL the difference”. So, whether you are looking for someone new to join your organisation, or are selecting the right employee for an internal role, we know it’s a big decision.

To help reduce the risks and to build success for everyone from the start (including the successful candidate, their new manager and their team), we can provide a range of powerful insights and perspectives, using the right tools and processes.


We provide support at all stages of the selection and assessment process, including:

  • Devising job profiles that reflect the mission, vision and business objectives of an organisation. These also support clients in the development of competency frameworks which translate tasks and skill requirements into observable behaviours.
  • Prior to interview we can administer appropriate psychometrics (aptitude and/or personality) and provide analysis reports, recommendations and suggested areas to explore at interview.
  • At interview stage we design competency based questions and, where required, can join interview panels and carry out competency-based interviews.
  • Assist in the design and evaluation of other selection methods, including presentations or other task-based assignments.
  • For large-scale campaigns, including graduate recruitment we develop and deliver assessment centres, which include the use of psychometrics, group facilitation, presentations and other simulated job-specific tasks.
  • For senior level positions, in addition to psychometric analysis and interview design, we provide coaching support and assistance with development plans.
  • Providing structured and valuable feedback to candidates afterwards, whether on foot of psychometric assessment or other selection events.

Don’t forget, we also train managers in the skills of talent selection: click here for more information >>