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Using psychometric tools

Psychometrics refers to a range of questionnaires and tests designed to standardise the measurement of certain skills and personality traits or preferences.  These tools can provide reliable and validated information on ability, aptitude, attainment, intelligence and personality traits or preferences.  In addition to being developed using rigorous statistical and ethical guidelines, most psychometric tools provide normative information which allows users to compare individual results to the scores of a normally distributed population of similar people.

In short, they provide evidence-based ways to measure skills and personality factors of interest.  As an objective and evidence-based support it is not surprising that psychometrics are now used by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies in the USA and by over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK, while in Ireland they are used extensively in both the public and private sectors.  Used responsibly many psychometric tools facilitate employers to systematically and ethically assess individual differences in candidates and employees.

At thrive we use a range of methodologies, tools and approaches in supporting clients to resolve people issues – and psychometric tools are central to this body of resources.  All our consultants are BPS accredited and have extensive experience in the use of a range of psychometrics.  Furthermore, we have completed research into conflict and innovation which has contributed to understanding how best to respond to diagnostic information provided through psychometric tools.  Working in partnership with CPP, the US publishers of the MBTI, we have also completed a major piece of global research investigating the link between personality preferences and influencing styles and plan to use the insights from this research to enhance client insights gained from the MBTI.

Below, we’ve listed some of the support we provide at different stages of the employment relationship.


Selection & Assessment

We provide psychometric support at all stages of this critical process.
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Staff Development Programmes

  • Depending on the development needs identified, we provide support in developing self-awareness and in gaining a greater understanding of personal style, using a range of psychometrics which can be administered and processed in both a group setting, and individually.
  • For specific functional groups like sales teams, we use dedicated psychometrics such as FlexSelling and the MRG sales performance assessment tool, both to diagnose and devise development plans.


Management & Leadership Programmes

Here we use a range of tools to support and surface a deeper self-awareness which feeds into coaching and development plans.  This is more usually delivered on an individual basis and some of the options we offer include:

  • 360 degree feedback, to establish how leadership behaviours impact on key stakeholders.
  • Emotional intelligence, to gain an understanding of how emotional awareness and expression influences relationships with others and decision making.
  • Personality tools that provide significant insight into behaviour by measuring a range of traits or gaining a deeper understanding of preferences.



We provide coaching to support a range of interventions, including growing and stretching high potential individuals as well as resolving performance issues.  Personality profiles, such as the EQi 2 or MBTI® step 1 or 2 provide valuable insights to individuals being coached.


Team Building & Team Development

In addition to the MBTI®, we use a range of team diagnostic psychometric tools to facilitate both new and established teams to flourish and achieve their goals.


We use a range of instruments, depending on your particular requirements. You can learn more about some of the popular tools by clicking the links below:

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