Performance Management

for sustainable top performance  


Here in Ireland, the IITD’s Talent Management survey (published August 2015) stated that, when presented with a list, the issue of most concern to respondents was “Doing Good Performance Management”. But it’s not an easy process to get right.  In fact, in 2014, Deloitte surveyed almost 600 executives across the globe and more than half say it’s not an effective use of time.

So, there’s definitely a tension between two competing realities: we know that top performance doesn’t happen by accident, but we also know that we can stifle it by using the wrong process, or even using a good process in an unskilled or inflexible way.


Where do thrive fit in?

We help clients to balance the two realities above, so that they are equipped to:

  • Set clear expectations of performance and winning behaviours & values,
  • Objectively and accurately measure where their people stand in relation to these expectations,
  • Conduct high value, two-way conversations with employees that make a positive difference,
  • Form tailored development plans that are aligned with both company strategy and individual needs,
  • Gather valuable data that feeds talent processes and personal development plans,
  • Appropriately, and effectively, adopt a differentiated approach to managing high, middle and low performers, and
  • Ultimately, increase levels of ownership, candour and accountability to build a high performance culture.


In a practical sense, we:

  • Work with senior leaders to ensure clarity of, and alignment with, company strategy and goals,
  • Design the tools and processes to use,
  • Create the communication and training materials needed,
  • Increase understanding and buy-in at the senior level through training and information sessions,
  • Deliver effective training sessions for every level from the factory floor to the CEO’s door,
  • Serve as a trusted and experienced guide throughout the process,
  • Provide support around the audit, review, collection, collation, analysis and reporting of the data collected, and
  • Tailor best practice solutions for your culture, strategy and current levels of readiness.


What’s the future of performance management?

Well, if you’re wondering this, then you’ve come to the right people!

Derek reached out to 5 senior experts in the industry and added their thoughts and experiences to his own. You can read about it in greater detail in this blog post: Performance Reviews: One size fits none?

Make sure you also download our pdf with “10 Practical Steps to Evolving Your Performance Management Process“.