People Development

that makes an impact 

As an organisation, we’ve been working in the field of Learning & Development for twenty years (with a combined experience on the team of over 80 years in the field), so we have many frameworks, tools and methods at our disposal. Once we’ve completed a short diagnosis with you, we design a solution that will comprise of one or more of the following:


Training workshops

We help people to complement their technical expertise by developing a range of interpersonal, management, commercial and HR skills that are needed for a successful and enjoyable career.
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Learn more about training for managers and leaders >>


Management & Leadership Development Programmes

thrive are experts in designing and delivering longer development programmes that stimulate, challenge and evolve people managers and leaders.  Learn more about development programmes for managers and leaders >>



Every thrive consultant is an experienced and results-oriented coach, with a deep understanding of human psychology and performance. We work with managers and leaders to help them clarify and achieve their goals.
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We are qualified (with extensive experience) in the use of many of the most powerful psychometric tools. We use them in a variety of ways and for many different reasons.  Learn more about how we use our suite of psychometrics >>



We’ve spent years developing a set of facilitation skills and tools that enable us to structure and guide important meetings / events to a successful outcome.  Learn more about our team facilitation services >>


Teambuilding Events

Our consultants regularly support clients who want to organise – and get maximum value from – a teambuilding event. We ensure that the right things are explored in the right way and that the learning is brought back to “the real world” afterwards!  Learn more about our teambuilding events >>