Organisational Solutions

that get the best from your people 

At the organisational level, we provide solutions that help you to get the best out of your employees, and that, at the same time, help employees to get the best out of their work.

These solutions usually incorporate some blend of consulting, training, facilitation and coaching, and fall under the following main headings:


Developing Strategy

Company vision, mission statement, shared values, strategic goals, stakeholder analysis – these are all important and valuable things to have, but can be difficult to agree and to get right without some external guidance.
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Talent Selection

We work closely with clients to help them select the right fit for their important senior or specialist roles. Whether through interview or the use of the right psychometric assessment/s, we provide powerful insights that help single out the best possible candidate.
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Employee Engagement

We have significant expertise in increasing employees’ levels of motivation and commitment. We use proven tools and processes and tailor them to our clients’ culture and requirements.
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Performance Management

We design and implement simple but powerful performance management processes so our clients can confidently measure, manage and improve the performance and behaviour of their employees at all levels.
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Talent Management

In addition to selecting, engaging and getting optimal performance from your employees, thrive will help you design and manage succession and progression processes for your key roles and employees.
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We deliver passionate, insightful, enjoyable and memorable keynotes and presentations on lots of our expert subjects.
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