MBTI® Expertise

for greater awareness and understanding 

thrive are recognised as global leaders in the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. We have used it to train and coach tens of thousands of people across the globe and have written the definitive books on both MBTI® and Conflict and MBTI® and Innovation.

Check out the pages described below to learn more about the MBTI® and how we can help you harness its power to realise your (and/or your team’s) potential:


MBTI® Assessments

We use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to bring awareness and understanding of personality preferences to individuals and teams, so they can form better relationships, be happier and become more effective in what they do.
Learn how we can share the basics of MBTI with your people >>
Learn how we can take MBTI to the next level for those already familiar with it >>
See the MBTI books we’ve written >>


MBTI® & Influencing

In 2015, we worked with CPP Inc to conduct some global research on influencing. We broke new ground in understanding how people are influenced and how they can better influence others, so now we’re using this knowledge to support international clients in a range of exciting ways.
Learn about our insights on influencing and how we’re putting them to use >>


MBTI® & Innovation

We help teams and organisations to stimulate and nurture innovation so they can work better and achieve impressive results. We also wrote a book on the topic!
Learn about our take on innovation and what we do with it >>


MBTI® & Conflict Resolution

Another book we’ve written! We use our expert knowledge of human behaviour to help people understand conflict better and to manage it more effectively and constructively. We also provide specialist interventions when conflict becomes more tricky or damaging.
Learn more about our work on conflict, including our use of MBTI >>


Testimonial from Amy Townsend – Europe Region HR Co-ordinator, Arup:  “Arup have worked with thrive in Ireland and Europe for many years to deliver MBTI® workshops for our annual Graduate Induction. The thrive workshop has consistently proved popular with our young engineers, providing them with the opportunity to learn about their personality preferences at the very start of their career.  For our engineers this is a fantastic exercise in self-awareness and also understanding the importance of adapting working and communication styles in teams. Damian, Ann and Brendan always entertain and engage our participants and we look forward to working with thrive in the future!”