MBTI® Introduction

to start your journey 

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® assessment is the most popular psychometric tool in the world, taken by over 2 million people across the planet every year.

It helps you to understand yourself and others better, by recognising the preferences you have, and use, in 4 important areas:

  1. How you get energy,
  2. How you gather information,
  3. How you make decisions, and
  4. How you organise your life.

Your preferences in these areas are combined to give you a four-letter “type” and a corresponding personality profile. You can see these in the image below (which is from CPP’s ‘Type Heads’ poster).

MBTI® Type Heads

Time after time, people recognise themselves in these profiles and, from there, are able to see how best to relate to others, solve problems and realise their potential.


About to take the MBTI® assessment?

If you are about to take the assessment, have a look at the video below that explains more about the process and what to expect, and how best to complete the questionnaire: