for Managers & Leaders 


As people progress through their career, they realise that their success rests on more than just technical and professional capability. As a people manager, your success is a product of your team’s performance and results, so this training helps to make that happen.

Our most popular workshops for managers and leaders can be grouped as follows:


Management & Leadership Skills

  • Moving On Up
    Make the transition from “doer” to “manager” and avoid the common stumbling blocks along the way.
  • Influencing for Impact
    Learn the ingredients and practices for successful influencing… so you can make an impact.
  • The EI Edge
    Wrap your head around Emotional Intelligence, how to develop yours, and how to use it for greater success.
  • Fanning the Flame
    Unleash and maximise your team’s discretionary effort with an understanding of engagement (i.e. motivation and commitment).
  • Coach Trip
    Develop your coaching skills and help people to GET moving in the right direction – and KEEP moving when it gets tough.
  • Survival of the Fittest?
    Understand change at a deeper level so you can manage it in your workplace, and bring your people with you.
  • The Leap to Leadership
    Explore the relationship between management and leadership and how you can become a leader worth following. (For experienced managers)


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HR Skills

Certain aspects of people management carry more risk, and are trickier to learn, than others. We can help you navigate some of these events with confidence, with workshops like:

  • Pick a Winner
    Improve the odds of getting the right fit with these interviewing and selection skills.
  • Tackling Tricky Conversations
    Learn to communicate assertively no matter the situation or person. Develop the skills to correct behaviour and performance in a timely, fair and effective way.
  • Powerful Performance Management
    Get a handle on the principles, tools and practices that drive top performance.


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