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Hello again!

Thanks for visiting our website and I really hope that you enjoyed the session you attended at the MBTI® Users Conference in London, hosted by OPP.


Comments? Questions?

Feel free to share your thoughts, or ask a question on Type® & Conflict or Type® & Innovation – just use the comment box at the bottom of this page and I’ll respond to you. If you’d prefer a chat, just call the office in Dublin on +353 1 845 6015.


Influencing Research

As I mentioned in London, we are conducting, with CPP Inc., some in-depth, global research into the links between Type® and Influencing. The white paper will be launched in September at CPP’s MBTI® Users Conference. So, if you would like to be among the first to learn about our findings, sign up to our newsletter using the form below and you will hear from us very soon.



Just to say thanks for visiting this page, here’s a short, and exclusive video I recorded to tell you a little more about Type® & Conflict, Type® & Innovation, and a sneak-preview of our research findings around Type® & Influencing!

Curious About thrive?

While you’re here, please take a moment to learn about what we do, for whom we do it, and some of the nice things they say about us. You might also like to meet the rest of the team and read a blog post or two!


Thanks again for visiting this page; I do hope our paths cross again soon.

Damian Killen.
Managing Director,
thrive Consulting.

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