Innovation PI

Innovation Potential Indicator 

Innovation PIThe Innovation Potential Indicator is the first instrument designed to identify the potential to implement innovation ideas in the workplace. It was developed by Fiona Patterson at the City University in London. It looks at behaviours that enhance or impede the development and generation of new ideas, processes and products within an organisation. The results of the questionnaire can be used to understand how innovative an individual has the potential to be….it looks beyond a person’s propensity to have “bright ideas” and considers how these ideas are then introduced and applied by the individual for the organisation’s benefit. When used with teams, these profiles can be combined to provide a framework for making an individual or group more open to a culture of innovation.

The tool can be used for:

  • General recruitment and selection
  • Career Guidance
  • Development of individual employees at all levels
  • Team Development
  • Change Management (identifying people’s readiness to change and novelty and what kind of support they will need during the process)
  • Motivation to Change (measures a person’s drive to seek and adopt change)
  • Challenging Behaviour (this element assesses how an individual reacts and the likelihood that they will challenge the thinking of others in order to solve problems at work)
  • Adaptation (evaluates whether an individual typically prefers tried-and-tested methods or revolutionary perspectives when tackling issues and solving problems)
  • Consistency of work styles (measures how flexibly an individual uses a range of work styles and deals with incomplete instructions)

Organisations fuelled by new ideas and constant change need specialised assessment tools to evaluate innovation and creativity. This tool looks at the behaviours that enhance or inhibit the generation, development and implementation of new ideas, processes and products within the organisation.