MBTI® & Influencing

so you can have a greater impact 

thrive Influencing SurveyIn 2015, in partnership with CPP – the publishers of the Myers Briggs Personality Type® (MBTI®), we completed some exciting research in the area of influencing.

This was a global project which gathered 3,500+ survey responses from people who know their Myers Briggs Personality Type.

We further tested and developed our early findings with hundreds of follow-up surveys and interviews and now we’re certain of some clear and compelling links between our MBTI Type and how we typically influence and are, in turn, influenced.

To learn more, you can download a copy of our white paper, “MBTI Type and Influencing“, or watch the recording, below, of our global webinar delivered with CPP in March 2016.

If you’d like a quicker overview of our findings, take a look at this short video that Damian recorded at the OPP’s MBTI Users Conference in July 2016:


Now you can also watch these very short video lessons, where we introduce you to some of the key concepts from our ‘Impactful Influencing’ training workshop:

If you would like to talk to us about how we can apply these insights in your business, drop us a line: info@thrive.ie