thrive Consulting meets Humans of Dublin!

thrive Consulting meets Humans of Dublin!

“It’s not about the buildings or the streets .. it’s really the way people are thinking inside the city that makes the city”

With almost 80,000 followers on his Facebook page, Peter Varga is making a large-scale positive impact on the world. I met him a couple of months ago and I loved his attitude, so we spent some time together this week.

Shadowing him was such an interesting experience. People open up to him and share all sorts of fascinating and personal stories – all because he’s genuinely, passionately interested in them and he is willing to step OUT of his comfort zone and INTO their world to make a true, human connection with them.

A lot of what he does has links to our findings on influencing, but I’ll save that stuff for the New Year! In the meantime, please enjoy (and share!) the video below.

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