that Moves Things Forward 

Sometimes a team needs external, expert help to work through an important topic or issue, for example:

  • Solving a particular problem or challenge,
  • Generating ideas,
  • Forming a strategy or plan,
  • Making an important decision, or
  • Making sense of a large and/or varied amount of information.


Although the topics may vary, a facilitated session will often have the same elements. We use a tried and tested set of skills and tools to help clients:

  • Make sense of an issue or topic,
  • Clarify the goals and desired outcomes,
  • Explore perspectives,
  • Generate alternatives,
  • Engage in healthy and constructive discussion,
  • Manage disagreements / tensions,
  • Agree criteria for decision making / selection,
  • Make the required decisions, and
  • Form and agree a plan of action.


By using our experienced facilitators, you and your team are “freed up” to participate fully in the discussion, rather than having to chair the meeting, or manage / maintain the focus, boundaries, behaviours or pace of the meeting.