to Develop Managers & Leaders 


“How did you learn to be a manager?”

When we ask our training participants this question, the overwhelming majority of responses come in one or both of these forms:

  1. “I was thrown in at the deep end, so I just kind of did my best and learned as I went along.”
  1. “I suppose I learned from the managers I had myself over the years.”

Most managers and leaders have had precious little opportunity to properly learn the art and science of people management. As a result, they are at the mercy of whatever habits and practices they have picked up along the way and these are not always appropriate or effective.

We can help your people to get beyond these limitations by learning the right things in the right way.

We use our significant learning and development expertise and knowledge of psychology to enable deeper, more meaningful learning experiences. Managers and leaders can then make a greater, longer-lasting and more positive impact on their people and their work.


A structured approach.MDP Structure

Our development programmes are often bespoke and always tailored. We carefully design them around your organisation’s strategy and culture and the profile and needs of the participants.

For each topic, we provide expert guidance through the 6 stages of development shown here to ensure maximum transfer of learning and behavioural change:



What topics are covered?

Within this 6-step framework, the specific content varies, but most of our programmes explore topics such as:

  • Self-awareness:
    Aided by tools such as 360 feedback, MBTI®, and coaching, we identify preferences, behaviours, strengths and blind-spots.
  • Personal effectiveness:
    Improved management of time, energy, stress and mood for better results and wellbeing.
  • Leadership:
    Definition, leadership vs management, leadership styles and models.
  • Teams:
    Benefits and challenges, building and developing a team, roles in a team, ingredients for top team performance.
  • Relationships:
    Stakeholder analysis, influencing, negotiating, managing conflict.
  • Performance:
    Differentiation: managing “High, Middle and Low” performers, setting objectives, giving feedback and bringing candour to crucial conversations.


Programmes vary in duration, depending on the requirements of the client and always incorporate a blend of psychometrics, class-room training, coaching, project work, and a variety of additional learning materials.


A growth-oriented environment.

To cultivate real growth and to achieve maximum transfer of learning, we believe that how we deliver the programme is as important as what we cover in it. All learning therefore takes place in a carefully crafted environment that is:

  • Psychologically safe and confidential,
  • Stimulating and interactive,
  • Challenging, yet supportive, and
  • Fun, while focused.


How do we know this works?

We design our development programmes with the most up to date research and best practices in mind. We tailor them to meet your specific requirements, while ensuring a perfect fit for your culture and a relentless focus on your desired outcomes.

Our clients consistently tell us that these programmes:

  • Drive real, long-lasting, positive change in the motivation, commitment and capability of their managers and leaders,
  • Play a big part in the achievement of their strategy and result,
  • Help to create and evolve a winning culture, and
  • Deliver impressive ROI in terms of retention and talent management.

Meanwhile, our participants report that they:

  • Discover life-changing and career-enhancing insights,
  • Develop the skills needed to excel as a leader of people,
  • Get out of their comfort zones and increase their capacity and capability for ongoing learning,
  • Form valuable and long-lasting relationships with their colleagues,
  • Become more valued – and valuable members of their management teams, and
  • Enjoy greatly improved promotion prospects.


Contact us to share some ideas and explore what we can do to bring your managers and leaders to the next level.