December 1st InvitationAre you ready to discover the missing piece of the Influencing puzzle?

Getting there:

The Morgan Hotel is located at 10-12 Fleet Street.

It’s beside the Hard Rock Café and across the road from Thunder Road Café.

There are some traffic restrictions in place around College Green, so please see the map below for your options.

For those travelling by train / DART, the closest station is Tara Street.

If you get lost or run into difficulty, don’t be afraid to call Derek on 087 6773417!


Parking is available in the Fleet Street car park, located across the road from the hotel.

If you get your ticket validated at reception, you can avail of a reduced rate for parking.

Some food for thought:

Our research centered around the links between MBTI® personality types and how people influence and, in turn, are influenced by others. So, depending on your familiarity with MBTI® type, you could visit <this page> for a quick introduction or refresher.

Don’t worry: you won’t need to know your type for the presentation.

And, finally, we’ll be answering these important questions, among others, so you might want to ponder them before next Tuesday:

  • Why are kangaroos so persuasive?
  • Why do baby’s have the “aaahhhhh” factor?
  • Why influencing is sometimes easy and other times difficult?
  • Why do we need help making choices?

(The answers are more relevant than you might think!)



Map for December 1st Event