CPI 260®

The California Psychological Inventory 

cpi260The CPI 260® (California Psychological Inventory) tool is a sophisticated personality assessment that provides insights for use in executive recruitment and leadership development. Developed over 50 years ago, it delivers information about a person that is less obvious or of which the respondent themselves may be unaware. This ensures that a recruiting manager or executive coach is able to really get to know their candidate or coachee. This tool is especially useful for people at senior levels because it can highlight contrasts between a person’s own perception of themselves, and the views of others around them.

Validated against a group of high-performing senior managers, the CPI 260® tool gets at what a leader’s peers are likely to think about their leadership style, and how the individual rates against specific competencies known to predict leadership success. This approach also means that the tool is highly resistant to faking, as the questions are not obviously related to the qualities they measure.

The CPI 260® has 26 scales and is divided up into 5 major areas of life:

  • Dealing with Others
  • Self-Management
  • Motivations and Thinking Style
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Work-Related Measures

Key features of the CPI 260® include:

  • Measures work-related characteristics, motivations and thinking styles using 26 individually researched trait measures.
  • Gives feedback on how the individual measures up against 18 leadership competencies, showing which are their strengths and specific development areas.
  • Looks at individual motivation and current level of satisfaction.
  • Reports are aimed at the qualified professional, for example, the “Candidate Feedback Report” that  gives full details of all the results and also the “Coaching Report for Leaders” which is  aimed at the leader and gives a comprehensive run-down of their performance against a series of competencies.