Conflict Resolution


Understanding Conflict

Conflict is a normal aspect of human interaction. According to research we conducted a few years ago, a person is, on average, likely to encounter between 3 and 5 conflict situations in any working week – nearly 1 a day! On occasion, it becomes destructive and can present significant challenges to managers and HR departments, with real financial and legal exposures to contend with.

But conflict need not be daunting. With the right attitude and skillset, conflict can become a manageable, even healthy aspect of your working life, leading to clearer understanding, mutual respect and improved relationships and results.


How we can help

We offer 2 types of support around managing and resolving conflict:

  1. Training
    We bring together the most up to date research and practices (and our own insights using MBTI®) to help your people learn how to manage conflict for better outcomes. This is particularly powerful when completed by teams that work together, e.g. management or executive teams.
  1. Consulting & Resolution Services
    When a conflict situation becomes too complex, toxic, or high-risk, training may not be the most effective solution. If this is the case, our consultants can help you to understand what’s going on and guide you through the options available to you. Everyone on the thrive team is experienced in conflict resolution, including one who is a qualified and experienced workplace mediator, who has successfully brought numerous conflict situations to an amicable end.


We wrote the book on conflict!

Two of thrive’s consultants have researched and authored “Introduction to Type & Conflict”, which is published in Europe & the United States and is the official MBTI® book on Type and Conflict.
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