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Why Coaching?

For a long time, top performing athletes and sports teams have employed coaches to help them win. In recent years, we’ve also seen it become hugely popular in the corporate world and beyond. But why?

Well, despite what the movies would have us believe, reaching top levels of performance on your own is almost impossible. Going it alone takes longer, costs more, is more difficult and, ultimately, will not deliver the same level of results.

Whether you’re starting out in your career, are in a period of transition, or are a senior executive who wants to break through to the next level, our coaching can help you.

Just like the sports teams we mentioned above, coaching can also help teams in the workplace to break through their barriers to success in a way that’s not possible with training alone.


Types of Coaching

We provide 3 types of coaching services that make a huge difference to our clients:

‘Fix’ Coaching: the client is somehow getting in their own way or holding themselves back through their mindset, beliefs, behaviours or actions. Significant change is needed in the immediate term. Note: this is not the same as a disciplinary process – these clients aren’t “misbehaving”, they are falling short for some other reason/s.

‘Grow’ Coaching: the client is performing well, but wants and/or needs to reach higher levels of ability or performance. Either they have reached a plateau, something has knocked them back, or they are facing some new journey or challenge they have not faced before. This form of coaching is also used to bolster training activities, to encourage the adoption of new skills, mind-sets, behaviours and habits.

‘Stretch’ Coaching: the client is already a very high performer with an impressive track record and high levels of ability, attitude and motivation. This coaching is less about teaching and guiding, and more about holding them accountable and pushing them to higher heights, while maintaining a focus on health and overall wellbeing for sustainable results. If ‘grow’ coaching is about learning to win, then ‘stretch’ coaching is about achieving personal bests and breaking records.


A Structured Approach

Regardless of which type of coaching you (or your people) need, one of the most important steps in coaching is to clarify what you want to achieve. Where do you want to go? What will it look like? How will you know when you get there?

So, the first thing we do is to work closely with you in setting the right goals and objectives for success.

Next, we decide what type of coaching is needed and, work with you to decide which of our coaches can best meet your needs.

From there, we form a coaching plan with you and work together over an agreed period of time (usually 6 sessions to start with) to develop the awareness, understanding, knowledge, skills, behaviours and habits required to achieve your goals.


With decades of coaching experience, we have developed a significant set of coaching expertise and tools that will help move you forward. Combine these with a deep understanding of psychology, performance, as well as life in the commercial and corporate worlds, and it’s a recipe for success.