360° Leadership Assesments

LEA: Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 

LEAThe LEA 360° (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360°) is a leadership tool that provides a comprehensive snapshot of individual leaders within an organization – it provides a view of leadership from every angle.  It was developed by James T. Mahoney, Ph.D and measures 22 leadership behaviours which ultimately provide an insight to expand both individual and organizational development.


Key features of the LEA 360° tool:

  • Identifies leadership behaviours currently in practice within an organisation (i.e., behaviours associated with creating a vision, developing followers, implementing the vision, following through, achieving results and team playing).
  • Provides relevant, structured, insightful feedback to leaders that is flexible and includes a debrief session to discuss your results and coaching sessions to focus on development areas.
  • Gives the opportunity to assess a leader from several different perspectives, i.e., boss, peers/co-workers, direct reports.
  • Builds action and accountability into the leadership development process
  • Provides constructive coaching suggestions for key areas of leadership development
  • Identifies specific leadership practices needed to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals.
  • When used with the right selection criteria, it can help predict the success of candidates for leadership positions.

The LEA 360°’s design is unique and makes it difficult for people to skew the results in particular ways and for people to identify who said what, as some people tend to do with other kinds of leadership assessment instruments. It is also beneficial for use when an individual does not have an official leadership role (one of LEA’s assumptions is that we all need to practise good leadership behaviours to get results whether we have authority over others or not).