16 PF

16 Personality Factor Questionnaire 


The 16PF® (or Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire) is a multiple-choice questionnaire measuring 16 primary traits and 5 global traits.  It is a versatile assessment tool as it provides a complete picture of an individual’s personality.  Its accurate predictions of behaviour and potential provide organisations with validated and trusted information to support selection decisions and to aid the design of appropriate development interventions.  With over 60 years of research and development since Raymond Cattell produced it in the 1940s the 16PF®is one of the most widely used personality tools today.

Key Features of the 16PF include:

  • Provides in-depth insights to promote greater self-awareness
  • Enables more confident decision-making and reduced risk in recruitment and selection
  • Provides a solid foundation for the creation of meaningful and sustained development plans
  • Reveals 16 personality characteristics structured around the ‘Big Five’ widely-accepted global factors of personality
  • With over 2,700 published research articles to support the 16PF®assessment’s validity , it provides objective and trustworthy information on personality traits that accurately predict behaviour