Welcome to thrive!

Welcome to thrive!

Welcome to thrive! We are in the people business, because we believe that “people make ALL the difference”. We help individuals, teams and organisations to build better relationships and improve their performance so they can achieve their goals.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

thrive are world-renowned experts in this powerful personality assessment tool.  Find out more here >>

Influencing for Impact

Influencing for Impact

Learn all about our global research into how people are influenced and how they can influence others more effectively: just click here >>

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23 November


Are you ready to experience our tried and tested training materials? Getting there: The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is located on Golden Lane, which is very close to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There are a couple of one way systems in place around that area, so you might want to check ... [click the blog title above to read this post]

18 December

thrive Consulting meets Humans of Dublin!

“It’s not about the buildings or the streets .. it’s really the way people are thinking inside the city that makes the city” With almost 80,000 followers on his Facebook page, Peter Varga is making a large-scale positive impact on the world. I met him a couple of months ago and ... [click the blog title above to read this post]

24 November

Performance Reviews: One size fits none

Your performance management processes are not fit for purpose: employees don’t want them, managers don’t value them and they’re not making any meaningful difference to your organisation.  At least, that’s what the media has been telling us lately. But is it true? And if it IS true, then what should ... [click the blog title above to read this post]

02 July

Feedforward: Your questions answered

– by Ann Flaherty Performance management is a hot topic for many organisations and at the heart of all current approaches to managing performance is feedback. As we mentioned in our previous posting, the problem with continuing to use this approach is that feedback (in the way that it has traditionally, ... [click the blog title above to read this post]

05 March

7 truths about success and happiness from my almost-10-year-old.

The Story Last weekend, it snowed here in Dublin. Not enough to make all the kids in the area drop their X-Box controllers and race outside, but certainly enough to make them walk to their windows and watch for a while, as the snow flurry got heavier and left a ... [click the blog title above to read this post]

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